Arbitration -- Recent

May 5, 2016 -- "Fundamentals of Arbitration" at the Boston Bar Association

April 7, 2016 -- "Differences in the Pre-hearing Role of the Tribunal between International and Domestic Arbitrations" at the 18th Annual American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution Spring Conference, New York City, New York

March 5, 2015 — “Developments in IP Arbitration: An Arbitrator’s View” Boston Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee

Octobe, 2014 — “Recent Trends in Intellectual Property Arbitration”, Dispute Resolution Committee of the Litigation Section of the American Bar Association

May, 2014 — "International Commercial Arbitration". ICC Seminar (University of New Hampshire School of Law)

November 9, 2011 — “Hearings” in “Managing Your First Arbitration”, College of Commercial Arbitrators (Boston)

July, 2011 — "International Commercial Arbitration", Seminar for Italian Lawyers, Suffolk University Law School (Boston)

May, 2011 — "International Commercial Arbitration", ICC Seminar (Boston)

Other Topics

2018 -- "Technology and Defense Innovation"  at The Naval War College's Current Strategy Forum, Newport RI on June 13, 2108

2017 -- "Crossing the Line: The Law of War & Cyber Engagement -- The U.S. Position" at the American Bar Association Section of International Law Spring Meeting, Washington D.C.

        -- "Global Business & National Security" at The Naval War College, Newport RI on January 10, 2017

2014 -- "The Erosion of Sovereignty" at Boston University Graduate School of International Relations

2011 -- "Intenrational Law in the Private Sector" at Boston College Law School on March 31, 2011

2008 -- "Avoiding the Next Quagmire:  A Sustainable Strategy for Af-Pak" at the National Defense University, Washington D.C.,  to the Joint Strategic Assessment Team  II

         -- "The Practice of Private International Law" at  Boston University Law School on March 18, 2008