Industry Experience

Selected Topics

The following industry sectors are representative of Mr. O'Neill's experience as arbitrator.  Additional information can be provided upon request with respect to any given industry sector, geographic region or type of case



  • Domestic revenue sharing dispute between Global and regional passenger carriers
  • Development disputes involving the F-35 fighter jet between American defense contractor and European subcontractor
  • South Asian maintenance related disputes regarding fighter jet
  • Technology transfer related to ballistic missile defense and failure to make reasonable efforts to commercialize
  • Russian satellite parts supply dispute
  • Satellite digital transmission license and services-related claim



  • $US Nine figure patent licensing dispute between Asian and American telecom companies
  • $US Eight figure prepaid calling card dispute between Israeli and American companies
  • $US Eight figure voice recognition modem chip contract with foreign supplier
  • $US Eight figure fibre optic network operation dispute between foreign operator and quasi public instrumentality
  • $US eight figure dispute between IoT solutions provider and wireless carrier
  • Satellite digital transmission license and services-related claim
  • Domestic Telecom contract rate disputes
  • Domestic Web-based video library services dispute
  • $US Nine figure Asian telecom patent license FRAND dispute
  • $US eight figure fibre optic network dispute between Canadian company and State quasi public instrumentality 



$US Nine to ten figure dispute involving European and American transportation companies

$US Nine figure industrial gas supply/off-take long term requirements contract between Asian companies

$US Nine to ten figure apparel industry long term license

$US Nine figure health care industry equipment/services supply contract payment compliance dispute

Arbration experience as arbitrator/advocate of supply/service contracts experience generally range from military and civilian aerospace. to explosives, printing, food and beverage (foreign and domestic), including specific areas such as outsourcing (e.g., China) and force majeure events (e.g., food supply; long term energy supply) 



  • $US Eight figure Eastern European privatization joint venture
  • Vietnamese and Korean power generation contracts
  • $US Eight figure oil storage claim (with South American sovereign ultimate owner)
  • Solar power generation in South Asia logistics related dispute
  • Domestic municipal electricity supply contract
  • (Note: Also arbitral advocacy experience in long term take and pay LNG supply involving North Africa state enterprise and US company)

Intellectual Property-- Technology/Life Sciences

Intellectual Property:

Ownership, patent licensing and related trade secret disputes over intellectual property, including “product” definition patent infringement disputes; examples include:

  • Life Sciences
  1. $US multibillion pharmaceutical patent license dispute between European and American companies;
  2. $US ten figure patent licensing and genetic technology trade secret dispute between Asian pharmaceutical and American biotech company;
  3. Declaratory judgment actions involving pharmaceutical “product” definition based on patent claims infringement; 
  4. Declaratory Judgment action involving life science product development collaboration agreement; and
  5. Dispute over genetic engineering services agreement between U.S. pharmaceutical and global contract manufacturer
  •  Technology

          1. $US Ten figure consumer electronics patent license dispurte;

           2. $US Nine figure Russian defense technology patent license claim and failure to commercialize;

           3. $US Nine figure European bottling technology patent license dispute;

           4. $US Nine figure Asian telecom patent license FRAND dispute; and

           5. $US Eight figure healthcare patent license claim

Private Equity/Investments/Acquisitions

Private Equity/Investments/Acquisitions: 

  • $US Nine figure shipping asset post-closing adjustment dispute between American and European parties
  • $US Nine figure sovereign backed loan acquisition dispute
  • $US Eight figure private investment fundraising dispute with Asian Sovereign
  • $US Eight figure Latin American transportation dispute
  • $US Eight figure gaming industry partnership investment dispute
  • $US Eight figure invesment management partnership dispute
  • $US Eight figure post-closing adjustment claims, including food and transportation industries, as well as related non-competition disputes
  • $US Seven to Eight figure cross-border fashion/garment industry disputes between partners and also venture capitalists
  • Acquisition related environmental indemnity claims; hedge fund claims; office buildings investment partnerships; and stock valuation of foreign company
  • $US seven to eight figure claim on health care related product acquisition and failure to make best efforts to commercialize

Sovereign/Public Entities

  • $US nine figure real estate dispute between U.S. Government Agency and international bank
  • $US eight figure fundraising dispute between Asian sovereign and U.S. investment banker
  • $US eight figure fibre optic network dispute between Canadian company and State quasi public instrumentality 
  • $US seven figure rate dispute between municipality and electric power generation company